Introductory speach

Faculty of Criminalistics, Criminology and Security Studies of the University of Sarajevo is a higher education institution that performs teaching and scientific research activities in the field of social responses to unlawful behaviors. The realization of scientific activities takes place through the Institute for Criminalistics, Criminology and Security Studies - CriminalEast, which is a fundamental support in the acceptance and enhancement of knowledge related to understanding the criminal phenomenon and criminalization processes. In this regard, the objectives of this scientific field have been adopted for a long time, which primarily concern the understanding of the response process both to crime and to the perpetrators,  effects analysis of the overall criminal policy, understanding of the needs of victims of crime, comparisons and cognizance of why the concepts of criminal judiciary are more successful than others, and researching the links between criminology, criminalistics and security studies, and the development of policy and practice of responding to crime.

The results of the research, obtained in scientific-based processes, today in the most developed countries in the world represent the usual standard for an efficient and effective policy of prevention and suppression of crime. Cooperation with competent and responsible institutions will be realized through the activities of the Scientific Council of the Institute. The task of this body will be to nominate thematic units, initiate and conduct research on problems that cause the greatest damage to the community. A specific form of cooperation would be joint application and implementation of projects at the local and international level. 

Institute for Criminalistics, Criminology and Security Studies, has been committed to establishing and improving institutional cooperation in the area of social crime control with institutions for the implementation of misdemeanor and criminal laws. We intend to define with the state and entity agencies, as well as the institutions of the local community, the areas in which it would be useful to conduct scientific research. The results we arrive at will contribute to the quality of the decision-making process at all stages of the response to criminal behavior in our community. We believe that the crime-fighting system, in which fact-based decision-making processes can guarantee a higher level of security for all citizens both at the individual and the societal level.

We believe that in partnership with relevant institutions, we will contribute to the initiation and better implementation of scientific projects, whose results would give those who are in charge of passing, control, supervision and implementation of the law, strong argument and support for the decisions they make. We think, that in this way, our institutions and agencies could become a more important factor of security for our society.